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He sighed as he shooed away the Servitor skulls, and wirelessly adjusted the Furnace temperatures to optimal levels. He continued to tread along to his Forge, where he eventually with a few button presses got a hovering platform to come out to him, using technologies he had managed to crack and replicate previously. He stepped up onto the platform and as it glided along towards the Forge and Factorum, meanwhile he did calculations on a data slate he held approving repairs and shipments as well as denying personal requests for gear that was not needed or could not be justified for how it would impact his time without sufficient compensation.

Adriun shook his head slightly, ”Don’t they know that I don’t do personal requests without a trade? How many times must I…” he paused as he saw the FellGlaive tank as the platform came to a stop, “Beautiful.” Was all he could muster as he hovered closer and let his gauntlet slide along the flat barrel of the ancient weapon.

He immediately ordered the tank to be hauled into the Factorum for disassembly, it was the quickest way to catalogue the parts and begin piecing together how to replicate the technology, which he had a very good idea how it worked as his personal side arm was a Serpenta and he intimately knew its workings and could make another with his eye’s closed. Massive machines drove out of the Factorum and attached hooks to the tank, and several Humans under his employ climbed into the machine and set about gearing it into neutral. He knew the Warsmith dis-tasted mortals, but it was key that Adriun worked with them, as he was linked with the Traitorous Mechanicum, and so these humans were minor acolytes from them, specifically ones that wished to distance themselves from the more corrupt parts of the Traitor Mechanicus, or wished to increase their station through his employ.

Slowly but surely it began to be dragged into the hungry facility, where machines where already being prepped to disassemble the tank, starting with the turret. The Factorum, and its adjoining building the Forge, were massive constructs, lined with automated defenses, and spires pumping out steam into the air. However the building was highly stylized to Adriun’s tastes, and it did not resemble the former Master of the Forge’s abode. What made it so different were the additions that where made, specifically Titan husks, from Adriun’s kills from other campaigns. None of the hulls were defaced, in-fact they still had pristine heraldry and only retained battle damage from their time of defeat, and so were trophies commemorating several astounding victories for the XIXth Grand Company.

The entrance to the Massive Factory was reconstructed through the Head of one of Adriun’s largest quarry, as was fitting, the tank was slowly pulled into the mouth of a Machine God. Adriun cracked a slight smile in his helm, something he wouldn't let any of his fellow captain’s see him do, but something in privacy of his workplace he would allow himself to have the luxury of revealing some modicum of emotion.

As He hovered into the massive complex, all around him the sounds of machines and mechanical progress, he watched the FellGlaive precede, its arrival arousing a joyous murmur among his Human workers and simply causing his Tech-Marines to turn their attention for a longer time than normal before returning to their current tasks. He levitated up to an over watch, like a Mechanical Throne overseeing the operation of the facility, it was surrounded by Holo-projections and data-screens showing the processes and status of the various machines. There were several sub stations near it, each manned by a Tech Marine and a retinue of Technological Savants and Tech-Priests. His platforms lowered and locked into the over hang and he immediately got to monitor the system through the surrounding screen, behind him two thrallax cohort guards.

Through the Vox sytems of the building he broadcast his commands, “Brothers, we have received a gift from the Warsmith, it shows how much he respects our work, we shall continue to exceed his expectations and show we are worthy of such a donation.” He paused as he directed the Servitors to begin assisting the Human workers.

“Now this weapon is to be disassembled and catalog according to my usual procedures, I need the main Emitter core delivered to me as soon as possible, Delta and Gamma Teams will be in charge of making a blue print of the generator and Capacitors, Alpha and Beta the Barrel’s Magnetic Focusing arrays similarly will be left to you, I expect this completed within the week, no Later. That is all.” He said as he stepped back from the overlooking station and screens before him, and dismissed the guards.

Adriun continued back along the overhang and into an Adjoining room that was his personal quarters, he walked in and looked at the wall, where their was a collection of Xeno Weapons he had studied and were gifted to him in exchange for his artisan weapon and armor-smithing services. The other tech had provided invaluable insight to improving current technology, some xenos tech providing insight into Imperial tech problems, the rest remained curiosities to look at. However something else drew his sight, and his heart, a small Silver token on a silver necklace, his Mother’s legacy and the only thing he had from his short past life. He let his armored finger trace the little silver object his eyes taking on a tinge of sadness, indiscernible behind his helmet, which he proceeded to remove and set upon a pedestal.

He walked over to his work table in his personal quarters and turned on several screens to continue monitoring the functions of the factory, he pulled up current information he had on Volkite Weaponry and everything he knew about building them, which he had done through intense study and replication of his side arm. He got to work on simulations of the functions and scaling it up as the Factorum disassembled the massive tank and began cataloging each and every part with machine efficiency, and they worked on getting the parts Adriun Requested for study.

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