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Originally Posted by Iraqiel View Post
Oh crap, I forgot! I bought a second hand thunderbolt fighter and a deathstrike missile launcher, and also put a down payment on a Hammer of Cadia box at my FLGS.
I saw one of the Hammer of Cadia boxes in a store this week and whilst I DO NOT need more... it was very tempting - so much awesomeness in one box. Alas, I "settled" for some plasticard and terrain conversion bits.

Originally Posted by Iraqiel View Post
Hmmm once I'm done painting, I'll have two full Imperial Sword formations.
Jube question from someone who hasn't had a real game since 2010: Where does one find the dataslates/formation guides? I have seen the Sanctus Reach IG/AM slates but was wondering if there are more? and where to find them?

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