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Originally Posted by Miester_Zef View Post
O.o and deny my traitor guard a radical inquistor of their own?! Perish the thought.
Now that's the kind of attitude I like to see!

With Guard, I'd probably bring an Officer of the Fleet in with my CCS to choke his reserves. I'd probably also bring my Vendetta and 2 Hydras, holding the Hydras in Reserve (since they don't have Interceptor, so can just be shot off the board by arriving flyers/Drop Podding Sternguard with combi-meltas). Coteaz also certainly seems like a good bet.

For CSM? Hmm. I like the Typhus+hordes of Plague Zombies (probably just using traitor guard minis as zombies!) idea. It's hard to get solid AA as CSM, but a Heldrake with HAC might do it--especially alongside a Crimson Slaughter sorc with Balestar, Presciencing the 'Drake.

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