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Lucian the first to enter the briefing room and bowed to the Warsmith leaning on the table infront of him while technically being ranked third of Pelegon's captains, Lucian was generally the first to arrive in any meeting that was called purely to watch his fellow members of the company arrive and gauge their moods. Standing in his jet black armour and dark grey cloak and hood Lucian stuck out like a swore thumb amidst the sea of burnished iron and silver that the rest of the 'leaders' of the 19th Grand Company wore.

Standing still with his hands at his sides casually Lucian stood to one side of the room with the majority of his body facing the Warsmith but turned enough to the side to look at the others enter the room and take their places before listening to Warsmith Pelegon outline his plans for the next campaign and when he did he shifted his entire focus to the display and taking in every drop of information that the Warsmith deigned to tell them.

Lucian shook his head at the mention of the Space Wolves recalling the troubled relationship between the First and Sixth Legion but quickly crushed the thoughts of the past, as that is just what they were, memories of the past. Turning his gaze back to the holo-pic he listened and waited silently and when Pelegon concluded the briefing with Lucian himself and the rest of those gathered echoing the end of the Iron Warrior chant he then turned to leave the briefing room with the others and stopped when Pelegon called for him, the Captain of Seventh and the Primus Medicae to wait.

Pivoting on his heel he turned and made his way closer to the Warsmith and waited for the rest to leave before listening intently to the new information that Pelegon told them and to himself Lucian smiled lightly to himself when he heard Pelegon speak of the mission of taking the 'Fist of Russ' requiring a needle instead of a hammer which meant that Third Company would be required to do what it does best: operating away from the main battle field in acts of deception, sabotage and other less honourable acts though when he heard that the Captain of Seventh, the Shipwright: Iapetus he was less then happy and being asked to work along side someone who had about as much subtlety as a World Eater .

When the Warsmith asked the three of them for any questions Lucian step froward and finally spoke: "As always Warsmith, you honour me and Third Company with the tasks best suited to us. As you said removing the obstacle that is the 'Fist of Russ' from orbit and taking it will require a 'needle' I already have several plans in mind and with your blessing I will requisition what I need and be under way to put the plans in action two days hence. I ask firstly that: Captain Iapetus remain with the rest of the Company as he and his men would be of no use to me. Secondly I require a loyalist ship from around this very planet something that has yet to be refitting as to suit the legion, something that is fully operation yet still bears its loyalist colours and scars from its latest engagement. Finally, I would require a psyker of great power, I require the presence and use of, The Librarius's Primus, The Seer: Coeus. If I have permission to gather these then I shall submit a full outline of my plan to you before the day is out, My Lord."

Already, you exalt me for my triumphs, When I ask only that you remember me for my treacheries

Victory is nothing more than survival.
It carries no weight of honour or worth beyond what we ascribe to it.
If you wish to grow wise, learn why brothers betray brothers. - Khyron, First Grand Master of the Eighth Brotherhood.
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