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Trouble is you cant take out the Drop Pods before they land, so killing everyone inside. This is because Interceptor happens at the end of the enemy movement phase. Also Inceptor can only fire at 1 target.
However as kinda said above. You want lots of Pieplates. Things like Vindicators / Soul Grinder / Leman Russ to eat his deepstrikers.
Otherwise things like small squads of Chosen CSM with Plasmas can work well as he cant charge on landing in Drop Pods, so you have a free turn of rapid firing marine killers in to him.
Otherwise you could go for something like a army with a load of Maulerfiends and stuff. They will rip open anything he has, but also are very hard to kill as walkers.
Also as said above things like Nurgle Terminators or Plague Marines are great for slowing people down as it will take a lot more to wound them and they will likely still have a Feel No Pain save.

Something else you could try is take Typhus or Necrosius and have loads of Plague Zombies. As they are still only 4pts each and are fearless they will happily hold his units up for the entire game. His squads I would assume if he is trying to table you will likely have a load of power weapons or whatever if he knows he is against CSM. And that means it will be probably 200-300pts a squad of 10 + the drop pod and stuff. You can have 35 fearless zombies for 150pts. This will take that 10man squad even with 100% Hits / Wounds & failing your FNP saves at least a turn or 2 I think to kill 1 squad.
Also remember that Helcults are nice if you have the dataslate for them. And you can if you have 1 of the 2 characters listed above have Zombie Cultists as the units with the Brute.
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