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Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
- Orks? Maybe? Does anyone have info on where they're at, competitively?
They're not dominating any tournaments and it's still early days, but the few bits and pieces I've seen so far have implied a pile of WS5 Fearless Meganobz in Scouting Battlewagons. Not sure how that works out for tournaments that don't allow multiple formations - likely the Meganobz will be regular Meganobz and go to WS4, Ld7 and at risk from the 4-6 result of Mob Rule, which significantly curbs their effectiveness since you can almost get rid of them purely through Tank Shocking transports at that point.

So at least 30 2+ save wounds with reasonable anti-infantry and incredible melee capacity Scouting in your face, a couple of the squads having Feel No Pain. Fire support from Mek Gunz, either Traktor Kannons (horrifyingly potent anti-air, whether Flyer or FMC) or Mega-Kannons (very effective anti-heavy infantry killer), both on very tough platforms. Also a Warboss with a 2+ re-rollable armour save at T5, which is one of those odd units that's really weak to one type of firepower (AP2 or 1) and almost totally immune to everything else. Beware him in a unit of Boyz to take the Blaster hits for him.

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