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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Do one thing really, really well and force the enemy to react to you.
Originally Posted by falcoso View Post
With the advent of 7th it makes it easier to cut out the weaker units that are filling the troops slot (especially in DE) though objective secured is incredibly good and DE's ability to get a lot of transports around quickly can really benefit them in Maelstrom of War missions. So try an weigh up the bonuses of that and if you can find an alternative go unbound and trying and push an armies strengths (though for unbounds to work you really need to be able to exploit it with at least 3+ of a power unit)
That's why I breifly mentioned it on this^ I wasn't sure what the DE ones would be so I ddin't mention it. But I personally think both aproaches work, as if you spam something like knights if the TO hasn't restricted the amount you can bring) or venoms, if your opponent has something that can easil counter it (e.g. crons in general and especially barges) you are going to die horribly.

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