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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
For, Fucks, Sake! Another Gav Thorpe RG novel?? Are we actually being serious? I cannot be the only one sick of his RG stories, or RG stories in general, even the people who like his take on them must be getting a little tired of it now. They're a decimated legion, are are somehow getting loads of cover. Where are the damn Blood Angels? What are the Dark Angels up to that aren't in Ultramar. Are the Inperial Fists ever going to be more than cameos and side characters? And if I recall we STILL have another Corax limited edition to come yet.

Lets be honest. If it was being written by a specific author no one would be complaining.

And I'm sure some people love what he's become. A primarch Indiana Jones, complete with the whip and passion for solving puzzles in dusty trap/ridden tombs.

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