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Default New Releases Confirmed

Some new releases have been confirmed at Amazon.com. Credit goes to Death Nikorps for finding these;

- Dark Hunters: Umbra Sumus by Paul Kearney


- Horus Heresy: Raptor by Gav Thorpe (audio)


- The Unforgiven by Gav Thorpe (DA 3)


A new Raven Guard HH audio and the third Dark Angels novel by Gav Thorpe and the return of Paul Kearney with a hardback novel about the Dark Hunters, the beginning of a new series perhaps?? I hope so, I really liked his short about the Dark Hunters and the Punishers in one of the [Insert noun here] of the Space Marines anthologies.

In case anyone is wondering. Umbra Sumus is latin. Umbra for Shadow and Sumus is a first person pronoun for We are. So the title of Kearney's book is something along the linesof We are Shadows.


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