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Far too much to quote @Mossy Toes , but I thank you for your help all the same. Extremely useful as always. I got my package yesterday, holy shit yesterday was like my birthday, I got home to my daemons army AND i got my new car yesterday AS WELL! ahem.... The daemons are all there basically. There's a 3rd soul grinder which is cool, what isn't cool is all 3 of them are in pieces and I have no instructions, and by pieces I mean, glued together and have fallen apart at glue joints rather badly. There wasn't an unbuilt prince which is a shame, but I do have a $30 GW gift card from my actual birthday I can use to get one, so that's a bonus. What I did get though was the C'tan Shard of the Deceiver model and I have NO idea what the hell to do with that, obviously a Daemon Prince but..... Ugh, I dunno. Anyway....

What the plan is now is to wait on my brother to give me a points limit in a game he wants to play the daemons in. When I find that out, I'll throw up an army list and have the heretics pick it to pieces and give him some pain!.

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