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Originally Posted by LordNecross View Post
Well I think he means fluff wise a Morkanaut is piloted by a mek. While a Gorkanaut is piloted by a nob.

The answer to his question would be no, I think, as it would be a special rule for a Morkanaut, which it does not have.

So what you are saying is right, he would need to actually put a mek in it.
Of course, putting in a big mek wit da fixa uppas.

Just curious about the pilot - I thought not, anyways, but as I have not actually played the game in a decade, I really have no way to confirm my suspicion.

I am collecting an ork army atm - just painting when I get tired of writing and reading.

This part of the hobby let's me see progress, on my table, in between books and book chapters and articles which often take much longer to produce anything tangible...

but man, my eyes have gotten worse!
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