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Originally Posted by venomlust View Post
Still deciding on the color scheme.
The Wolves of the Emperor, who's founding cannot be found, are thought to be of Space Wolf gene-seed. Now the Blood Disciples after butchering a prophet of Khorne and touching the blood fountain that gushed behind him as he preached. Colours are black with a brass trim. I wanted to make a Khorne detachment for my army and got the Homo Dragonhand model from the new SW v Ork kit from a mate and made him a Khorne Lord and wanted a SW renegade chapter. After being told that SW are too pure to turn from the Emperors Light, I read the thingy in the CSM codex about the Blood Disciples

The true nature of Chaos is beyond any comprehension. No mere mortal can ever hope to understand these matters, and the wise do not puzzle too deeply over Chaos Gods, or try to fathom their wars, rivalries and bickerings.

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