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So, I sort of got bored with the loyalist captain, and shelved the project for the moment. Worked a little on the Sorc, but he too has been shelved in favor of these guys:

Khornate Wolf Lord (HERESY!):

I am somewhat pleased with this mini so far. He has to be both wolfy and Khornate while being suitably intimidating. He's a Wolf Lord leading an army of Space Wolf traitors who would fall on a weak leader and tear him apart in a heartbeat. This guy keeps a rein on all the puppies.

He's meant to have the Black Death, Helm of Durfast, Armor of Russ, and Wulfenstone represented on the mini in Khornate/chaotic imagery instead of a pure loyalist wolf.

The new Wolf Lord model has some sweet parts, and you can see some here: the backpack, arm, axe, shoulder pad, and rear half of his chest/cape. The chest piece is from WFB Skullcrushers of Khorne. It's decent.

I used Harald Deathwolf's mount, but the model just isn't that cool in my opinion. Ugly face, unimpressive hair, crude looking axe... not good enough for me.

The angle of the head isn't set. I haven't decided which way his head should be facing. His other arm will be clinging to the fur of the wolf, with a Storm Shield strapped to it. I think this will explain the currently somewhat-awkward-looking pose he's in. The torso/leg junction looks a bit awkward, but I think it will be acceptable once the mini is completed and there are knives or other objects to distract from and cover up those funky looking areas.

Khornate Thunderwolf Champ (HERESY!):

With this guy, I really wanted to give him a special weapon, as he's the unit leader. This is a traitor Space Wolf (HERESY!) who has slain many mighty foes in the name of the Blood God. Clearly aged, as well. This speaks to his prowess in battle. At some point, he was rewarded with this crazy hammer. Whether before or after his turn from the Emperor is unclear, as Khorne's symbol may have been added during or after the weapon was forged.

My challenge is really how to add the Storm Shield to the model. It doesn't really appear to work if strapped to either arm while he's holding that hammer with two hands. I may have it slung over his backpack, and if that's too bulky/clumsy looking, perhaps off the side of his saddle or along the wolf's upper thigh.

Detail of the hammmer. I'm hoping to use guitar string to add a power supply to the right head and bring visual balance to the weapon:

*you may notice some of the resin is a strange color. Let's just say sometimes there's a cost to getting a better deal on eBay, and leave it at that.


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