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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Undead Legions lets the army March*, removes Crumbling when the general dies, and removes the necessity of Lore of Nehekhara. Those alone solve huge issues for TK, meaning that there's very little point using the TK book (pretty much restricted to those who have a burning desire to use Apophas or Settra or whatever other bad characters there are).

For an Undead Legions list, honestly I'd be more tempted to bring Vampire Counts, with Screaming Skull Catapults and the odd Tomb Prince for MWBD on Ghouls or something, plus the obligatory Casket of Souls and a Hierotitan if you can afford it (I'm not sure on the wording of the Hierotitan's +D3 to cast, but if it stacks with the Mortis Engine then you could do something really silly there). Chariots seem pretty good too.
* March still only within 12", and doesn't improve for Large Target though. You're going to want your general in a fast unit, and fast flankers to be Flyers or Vampiric.

But yes, Crumble is gone. At least Vampires had the benefit of to make them crumble you had to not only get your assassin character/unit into charge range, and then direct your attacks to the Heirophant, but to actually survive a round of combat with a Red Fury S7 rerolling to hit character.

And I personally still wouldn't take ghouls. 10pts a model is coming into Chaos Warrior territory - erm, no ta. At the least, Elves, and again, no ta.

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