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So...here goes nothing. Pray to the Dark Gods I don't derp too badly here.

Name: "Brother" Furor

Age: 200 (this is a rough guesstimate between time since the Heresy and modern times, including time spent in the Warp)

Homeworld: Olympus

Gene-seed: Iron Warriors

Physical Appearance: Furor has never been seen outside of his suit of Terminator Armour, itself battered and worn with age and decay - and it is often rumored that one of his blessings from the gods involved being permanently sealed into the suit. The most unique modification to the suit is a scaled up, back mounted Servo Harness, which he uses to assist in various experiments. While not intended for combat, said Servo Harness is still capable of delivering surprising blows.

Personality: Furor is cold and calculating, governing his decisions primarily with logic and a desire to experiment and try new things. However, he is content with his position, and does not seek to become Warmaster nor a Demon Prince.

Rank: Veteran

Armour and its appearance: See Description

Weaponry and equipment: Asides the aforementioned Harness, Furor carries a Combi Bolter and Power Sword into combat.

Biography: Originally from Olympus, even during the Heresy days Furor was said to be unusually cold. Originally one of the Legion's Techmarines, Furor carried out his oath of recovering, repairing and maintaining the Legion's wargear under the supervision of the Master of the Forge. However, Furor also liked to dabble with his charges. Can he make this engine go faster? Can I expand the range of Ammo this weapon can accept? What happens if I try to fit Plasma energy in a Bolt Shell?

As the Legion turned to Chaos, Furor's more experimental side came to the fore as he experimented with Warp Energy. While like the rest of his Legion the art of summoning Demons was abhorrant, Furor experimented with binding Warp Energy and attempted to use it to enhance his Legion's wargear. The fickle nature of Chaos however often means that his equipment doesn't always work as intended, or has unintended side effects - a suit of Terminator Armour assembled for one client accidentally ended up bonding with him while making sure it worked. All attempts to remove the suit so far have failed.

  • If some of the Fluff is a bit suspect, it's because I've been trying to back engineer my old Warsmith and adapt most of the background. However, I was never great at characters in general to begin with, so...
  • "Furor" is latin for "madness" according to Google Translate.
  • I was thinking about Demon Weapons, but decided against it - it could be a bit overkill. Besides, usually the weapons made are for others, not himself.

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