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Originally Posted by Nol View Post
Thanks for the support Darkreever - your points are all valid.

Because all the other members of the XIXth, despite their possibly varied origins, are all sworn members. The title 'freelance' implies that he works for a fee, and is held down by loyalty to no particular faction. Why would a Warsmith take a mercenary when he can have those who would follow him to the death?

Okay, so what, you're a literal skeleton with no musculature that cannot move? Or have you removed your flesh and put on synthetic muscle that has been arranged to look like a skeleton with bone motifs, an extermalised ribcage, skull mask and the like? Are you bone coloured? The colour of iron, as most Iron Warriors are? Do your eyes glow? Is your voice calm, low, or angry, or high-pitched? Give us something to work with. Basically what Darkreever said.

Now have a look at the three applications I accepted, then look at yours; it's between a quarter to a third of the size, with none of the details or, honestly, effort that the others put in. Yes, you met the minimum requirements, but there's a difference in life between scoring a pass mark and getting a good one. You said earlier:

Then prove it by fleshing him out more, because I don't see it. If you don't like what I'm doing, as I said earlier, feel free to leave, but please don't bitch and whine. I don't tolerate that kind of behaviour - especially when there's no real ground for it, nor will I cave in. The character, as he stands, has not been and will not be accepted.
Then change the "minimum requirements" part if they dont actually count. Good Day

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