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How about you respect the GM's wishes and do as he asks? This is, after all, his RP to run and not yours to run roughshod all over as you see fit.

Believe me, anyone who looks at that description would not accept it as enough by any margin.

But hey, if you think your going to argue with the GM and he will eventually back down to your demands than I'd recommend you walk away; because personally I wouldn't and I do advise Nol to do the same.

Originally Posted by The Warpsmith View Post
And dont say "at least two paragraphs" when that isnt good enough.
Has it occured to you that Nol is reffering tothe rest of your character sheet? You know, the parts that are all only a single line at best.

Originally Posted by The Warpsmith View Post
ALso you wnat me to describe how a skeleton looks? Is that what you wnat because that seems rather redundant considering i know of no civilized humans who do not know what a skeleton looks like
So, if someone were to assume the metal is coated in a bright yellow colour, he has a gimpy third arm, and a prehensile tail ending with a plush toy you don't see any problem? You've next to nothing on what he looks like; eye (or in this case lense) colour? Height? Bulk? Is his head nothing more than a dome?

Theres practically nothing here, so stop whining when the GM wants more and either do it or leave. Its either worth your time or not.

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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