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Originally Posted by Nol View Post

@The Warpsmith : I can't take a mercenary aboard a Grand Company, and that application is a bit lacking. I mean, "99% bionic, resembling a skeleton" isn't giving us a huge amount to go off. Other sections are also lacking in detail. Look at how beefy the other three apps are!
So no Mercs? Even tho the Iron Warriors are the originators of Obliterator units which are always Mercenaries every time no matter what? The description is easily enough to go on, it is a direct description, nothing can be added to it because it was all-encompassing in the sentence. And i added YOUR minimum required descriptions as per your OP so dont give me that "not enough info". This is a pre-existing character with tons of background already and i really dont enjoy re-writing the same stuff over and over again when it is unnecessary.

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