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Default Utilising Daemons w/ CSM

Now I figured I'd post this here in the Daemons section, as that is the part I am new to. I have purchased a rather large Daemons army, this includes:

FW GUO (Scabeiathrax)
FW Bloodthrister (Angrath)
2x The Masque
Skulltaker (plus another I already have)
Herald of Slaanesh on steed
2x HoTz on disk
HoTz on foot
9x Fiends of S
8x Bloodcrushers
17 Flamers
49 Horrors
32 Bloodletters (plus 20 I already have)
28 Daemonettes
15 Plaguebearers
4 nurgling bases
8 Flesh hounds
8 screamers
10 Seekers
2 Soul grinders
a Plague hulk
2x D Princes of nurgle
D Prince of Slaanesh
an unbuilt D Prince
plus extra disk, juggernaught and karanak again.

What can I possibly do with this? I know there are a lot of options so I'll boil it down.

I use CSM as my primary force with Crimson Slaughter rules and have Nurgle and Slaanesh marines primarily. I Was hoping for a Daemon detachment of Khorne/Tz but came across all 4 gods, which is cool and it opens up my army even wider. So I ask again, what can I possibly do with all this gear to make my Chaos force nigh unstoppable?

Cheers Heretics!

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