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Originally Posted by Miester_Zef View Post
So i should put in a deathstrike for example. He either has to go for it or risk having it launch.
That's the idea, though I personally don't like the Deathstrike very much.

Originally Posted by Miester_Zef View Post
And unlike him (who doesnt risk his pods any closer than 12 inches to the edge) i love the drift dice and they love me. He drops about 5-6 pods
I do my T1 DS lists in conjunction with Inquisitors and Servo Skulls, when you only scatter D6" and have Inertial Dampeners you can be pretty ballsy with placement. Since he hasn't figured that out, use it to your advantage and put squishy units in areas you know he won't try to DS, and bubble wrap them in stuff that you don't mind dying or will at least give the squishy stuff a cover save.

Originally Posted by scscofield View Post
Good options too, only reason I suggested Cortez is. E cause of how cheap adding him would be.
100 points is a damn steal for this level of character. Though it's definitely Coteaz

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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