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My IG i mostly run vet sqadswith chimeras. I dont do gun lines most of the time. Mostly i run melta and plasme vets led by a lord commissar. With leman russ' im tempted to start putting the into reserve to protect them.

I run mostly a version of this (first list) minus the deathstrike. https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...y&army_id=1130

As for as the CSM i run noise marines, lord on steed of slaanesh. Preds with vindies, standard csm and the occassional sorceror.

His first match with me he used vanguards (which got eaten by my Slaanesh marked csms w/ extra ccw) since then he only drops sternguard combat squads. They come in split up and mow everything down in sight.

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