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Originally Posted by Snokvor View Post
"Rockclimbing, parachuting" - you have a death wish and must be put on a suicide watch and you are no longer allowed to participate in those activities.

"Warhammer" - your hobby makes you extremely aggressive due to the imaginable universe where "there is only war" and potentially dangerous to other people. As such, you should only be allowed to play with barbie dolls instead, providing you pass a criminal, financial, psychological background checks upon which you may be issued a "doll license". The only dolls you will be allowed to posses should not be more or less in size as predetermined by the government authorities. You can not have your dolls dressed up in army camo to make them "assault dolls" and the only place you will be allowed to play with your dolls are in the licensed by the government clubs with a yearly membership of around $500 or in a complete wilderness.

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