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Mordheim is a great game. My Sisters of Sigmar and Witch Hunters used to do really well. However, finding anyone to play with might be a problem. As for fantasy alternatives, there really aren't many. I think Mantic recently had a KS for something along the lines of HeroQuest, but with a skirmish twist, so that might be worth a look.

Otherwise Malifaux and Infinity have pretty much sewn up the skirmish angle at the moment, with Deadzone way behind.

Tying yourself to the fantasy genre could be a handicap, as you won't explore other great games like Muskets and Tomahawks. I haven't played it yet, but have watched a couple of games, and on the back of them I will be picking up a box of Wargames Factory Forest Indians. Very quick game play, relatively small model count and very smooth rules system

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