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Default Quit 40k: Now I want a fantasy game. Recommendations?


So basically, my main reason for quitting 40k was the high model count and amount of time it consumes in my life. It boils down to not having enough time anymore.

Also, I am slowly but surely getting back into Fantasy novels; Starting to read the Silmarillion again and have picked up copies of the Wheel of Time and the Earthsea series. Fun times.

I basically want a small skirmish game that you don't have to dedicate a lot of time too: Low model counts, some good fluff driving it and fairly quick games. And it's really important to me that the miniatures are of excellent quality.

Personally I have nothing against GW's fantasy range: I absolutely love their Wood Elves and Treemen/forest creatures. But WHFB suffers from many of the same problems as 40k from my perspective. Too big, too many models, unbalanced rules, games take too long etc.

I've researched this and so far I think Mordheim is probably the game that ticks all (or at least most) the boxes for me. But are there alternatives?

I play Malifaux already and it's a great game, but not something i'm uber passionate about. I kind of want the traditional dwarves/elves/dragons type of fantasy rather than Steampunk/Horror. I play Dystopian Wars too but that is obviously a very different game...I looked into Warmachine but it is again a bit too steampunky and not enough fantasy for my tastes. Mantic games fantasy range (I forget the name...Kings of War?) seems okay but I am not a massive fan of the models if I am honest.

Any thoughts? Or should I just buy me some Wood Elves and roll with Mordheim?


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