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Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post

So the greatest Runelord of all time and the King of Karak Azul are dead. Damn, the butcher's bill just keeps going up and up and up, don't it.

Yep, more and more are being killed off, there's barely any elector counts left. Gelt has now become a necromancer in service to Vlad Von Carstein (who had been raised by Nagash with the promise of returning Isabella) because he opened his mind to light magic and holy magic when trying to repair the Auric Wall and humans can only handle one Wind of Magic at a time, it drove him a little insane and Vlad gave him a necromantic book, he used the undead to reinforce his lines but then the elector of hochland found out and rode away to tell the Emperor, gelt intercepted him though and put his hands up to calm the situation however an outrider with the Elector count thought he was casting something and opened fired hitting Gelt which made him lose control, his skeletons guardians tore the outrider apart and was about to kill the elector count when gelt finally gained control but he realised to late the damage is done and he lets the skeleton decapitate the elector count. Btw the idea for the Auric Wall actually came from a Lahmian vampire sent by Nefarata.

Gelt think there's a shapeshifter killing people, it's what caused the original breach in the wall him a long with the Ar Ulric investigate, the Ar Ulric stays close to Valten and Huss, he sends letters to Gelt telling him he thinks Valten is the shapeshifter.

Karl Franz is going to present Valten with Ghal Maraz and Gelt thinks Valten is going to assassinate him, he turns up and warns the Emperor but is ordered away, he raises undead to defend himself and the Emperor, turns out the shapeshifter was atually the Ar Ulric and it was the tzeentch daemon the Changling. He burns half of Ludwig Schwarzhelm and kills a lot of Reiksguard as he attempts to assassinate Karl Franz, however Valten comes out of no where and beats the heck out of the Changling. Turns out the Changeling was always Ar-Ulric, even during the skirmish prior the changling even helped Valten previously to fight the greater daemon of nurgle because the changling didn't want nurgle to get all the reward for his scheme. It was the Changling who suggested to Gelt to construct the wall of bone under the guise of one of his students as well.

Gelt is forced to flee and ends up returning to Vlad Von Carstein. There's loads more like the "nameless" who is mind controlling the eastern line of the Auric Wall and it's defenses to masks the fact Vlad had basically wiped out the defenses and took it's place.

There's just so much. The Auric wall fails as the holy priests under the guidance of the new Grand Theogonist refuse to help power it due to the fact Gelt is not a heretic (most of the gold order get barbecued by the witch hunters) Gelt is replaced by the leader of the Amber Order. The wall comes down and the forces of chaos attack, daemons and mortal servants. Crom descends and ends up fighting Valten and Huss, Valten kills Crom by caving his head in. Vlad and Valten then go on to fight the greater daemon nurgle as does Kurt Helborg who was having dreams that he would die to the creature (He doesn't though). Walach Harkon returns after having been trapped north of the wall, he's turned to Khorne and ends up throwing the Emperor out of the sky and badly wound both him and his mount. Vlad ends up killing Walach by taking over his bone dragon which tears Walach in half. The Empire however lose the battle and are forced to retreat.

I'm getting so muddled up I don't know what I've written and what I haven't lol So many are getting killed.

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