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Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post
Woah hold on!! Didn't notice that the first time. What the hell happened there?? So after Nagash is resurrected he goes after the Dwarfs??

Nefarata having wandered the mountains found a secret passage in the past, but didn't immediately access it but used to magic to hide it. Thorek Ironbrow comes a long with a lodestone and discovers it and discovers the unsubtle magics used to disguise it. Neferata now acting under nagash's orders sets out to retrieve what ever is hidden behind the door, they end up clashing with the dwarves, along with krell's forces and some peed off goblins Neferata killed most of on during her journey.

Anyway the outcome is Thorek tries to bring the cavern down and shatters his anvil, the King of Azul is decapitated by Krell and the Undead win the battle, turns out what was hidden behind the door was the domin of Valaya where she supposedly rests. In a throw away comment later on it's mentioned Nagash sucked the magic from her so he could power the great cloud of darkness above Nehekara, it served as a double purpose however as it then weakened him enough so he could hide within Arkhan and all the magic he spewed forth was eventually sucked up by the Black Pyramid, once he gained access to it he retrieved his power and went on to battle Usirian.

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