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Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post
More detail would be nice... Seriously, please give us more detail, this stuff is awesome to read.

Nagash, after sucking the magic from the dwarf ancestor Valaya, invades Nehekara, he plans to return to the Black Pyramid to regain his power and more. A lot of battles are fought, with the Nehekarans on the losing side most of the time, they only win one battle in general and that is when Khalida forces Nefarata to flee from Lahmia again. All of nagash's armies converge on Khemri where Settra is making a stand, he's brought about every construct from the rest of the land of the dead to help defend.

They destroy tons of Krell's army until Arkhan turns up and opens a great chasm which stops them from bringing their greater numbers to the bear. However just as Arkhan shows up, Krell who had been battling from the beginning suddenly gets cut in half as a tomb scorpion bursts from beneath him, he kills it but at the same time also loses his head (believe it says he's in the process of returning)

Several bridges are made and the battle starts properly as Settra takes to the field, he tries to bring down Arkhan several times, but Arkhan avoids him. Until Arkhan's mount gets hit by a great bolt shot at him by a Ushabti I think. He falls to the floor and Settra runs him over, he ends up cutting Arkhan in half, ties both parts up with chains and drags him into the city so the mourtary cult can full on destroy him so he can never return. It's at this point Mannfred and and the Vampire Pirate Captain finally show up.

Settra gives Arkhan over to the mortuary cult and leaves where he is confronted by Khatep the exiled high priest, who tells him about the Destroyer of Eternities, however whilst Settra listens he still takes Khatep's head off but then goes looking for the blade, when he arrives at it's burial place it's gone, because earlier on a skaven assassin sort out Apophas and told him of the sword (because it's the only weapon other than the fellblade which was used to resurrect Nagash and thus destroyed that they know of that can destroy him.

Whilst all this is happening though the mortuary cult is in the process of dispensing of Arkhan, unbeknownst to them though, the master embalmer is a traitor and he begins to read from one of the books of Nagash, sealing their souls in the jars as at the same time, he draws nagash forth from Arkhan's body. Nagash had hid himself within Arkhan's body so that he could bypass the cities wards.

Nagash heads to the the Black Temple and summons Dieter Helsnicht to help him perform a ritual, the ritual involves Dieter reading out the books of Nagash as Nagash descends into the spirit world where he ends up fighting Usirian, as Deiter fiinishes the incantations a great wave of souls batters the god of death and Nagash beats him down before eating him. Nagash has no pretty much because a god of death.

He comes forth and confronts the army, he turns units to his side, he wipes out units at a whim, suddenly Apophas ambushes Nagash he stabs the sword into Nagash's back, but it's not enough any more, Apophas being fails and is smited by Nagash.

Settra tries to defeat Nagash but his amulet that wards against magic no longer works because Usirian is no more, Nagash picks him up by the neck and gives him one more chance to submit, but he refuses going "Settra does not serve! Settra Rules!" Nagash tears him asunder and throws various parts on the floor, Settra is not dead though, his head is still animated.

Nagash proclaims his new godhood destroys Khemri and demands all bow down to him, King Phar goes down fighting, whilst Khalida eventually bows before him, if only so she can eventually take revenge on Nefarata. Deiter is now Guardian of the underworld and only with his leave may souls be raised from the underworld. Nagash heads north back to Sylvania with the intent of finally confronting the Chaos Gods and defeating them.

However right at the end four voices speak to Settra, his body reforms with new magic and he becomes whole again. The voices say "The battle is only over if you wish it, you can be king again" Settra gives no reply and looks out silently across the sands.

I don't think I'm doing justice, it was quite a good read, a lot of detail with unit names etc and other minor lore changes like the Herald of Settra being killed.

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