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Originally Posted by raven_jim View Post
A few years back I had a lot of free time on my hands and read a few of the THE HORUS HERESY books. I loved them!

Now I've gotten back into gaming I've read a lot of fluff about the drop site massacre but I want to learn more about it. Are there any books that cover these events?
Might get a few more responses in this section, mate.

AFAIR, only Horus Heresy novels such as Fulgrim and The First Heretic cover the Dropsite Massacre in significant, there-in-the-moment detail. From the perspectives of the Emperor's Children/Iron Hands and Word Bearers respectively.

There's also a whole bunch of novels, novellas and shorts, both written and audio, that flashback to or reference the battle, providing a wealth of perspectives from the Salamanders, Raven Guard, Iron Warriors (?), World Eaters etc.
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