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Originally Posted by Snokvor View Post
There is only one definition of an "assault weapon":
"An assault rifle is a select fire shoulder arm chambered for an intermediate power rifle cartridge capable of being fed from a detachable magazine."

Under you definition, a BB gun, firing plastic balls, utilizing an internal electrical motor and made of clear plastic is an "assault weapon". Even if it looks like from a Sci-Fi movie and not an exact replica of a real firearm.

We in Canada have a Cadet Corps (Army, Navy, Air Force). They are teenagers who are involved in militaristic/fitness training. As far as I know they get to fire .22 rifles and I have never herd of a rifle jumping in their hands and killing anyone. It must be a special Canadian air.
No they switched to pellet guns last I heard.

Apparently whiny parents who don't understand what a .22 is complained.
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