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Originally Posted by Alsojames View Post
When I learned to shoot it was with bolt action
Ah, the days when .22 Rifles were mainstream. They really should return to those.

Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post
o, guns shouldn't be allowed near children
You mean Assault Weapons shouldn't be near children. Why a 9yr old....I have no clue. No child should use a AW, SMG, LMG, MG, HOWs, or Hand Grenades; it is a mans tool for war not fun. On the opposing side all paperwork was filed, and the instructor probably knew what he was doing and trusted the girl could handle the weapon.

If anything what I find incredulous is that more people are not sympathetic to the girl. If you see the Unrated Video the shoot splatters blood all over the girls face, and she is clearly stunned (like a bad Anime death scene). If anything we should grieve for the Instructor, but feel pity for the girl; for she will have to live with the knowledge and memory of being a murder for the rest of her life.

Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post
There is no justification for the average citizen to have access to military grade assault weapons
So if I do purchase my M16A4 Assault Rifle I had in the Army.....your gonna take that from me? I think not good sir, I think not

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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