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Nation Name: Green Ear Nation (aka GEN)

Chosen Colour for Nation: Green

People of Importance: Magnate Wisenheart, Mogul Grieffa, Referee Lowgut, Admiral Madfire

Races: Goblin


Nation History:


- 250 Conscript Infantry units / 250k
- 100 Conscript Archer units / 100k
- 40 Arquebusser units / 1k (Redcaps)
- 10 Shadow Magi units / 200 (Redcap officers)
Total army: 351,200 goblins (350k conscripts & 1200 professionals)

Navy (all w/Sailor national trait)
-50 Transport units w/extended holds
-50 Ship units
Total navy: 300 vessels (50 transports & 250 ships)

Airforce - none

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