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Default Darkness Reborn, a Conquest Roleplay

Once more, Darkness had returned! Despite the disappearing players, the constant destruction from the Shadow and the one player who seemed to enjoy pointing out all my math errors (you know who you are!), the second attempt at the first Darkness reached its end thanks to a dedicated group who stuck with it right from the start! And now, Darkness Reborn has been created in the image of its predecessor, but with several notable differences. Don’t hesitate to create a nation, whether you’re new to Darkness or a returning player, a nation that will fight and die in your name, and one day even rule the world!

The land of Ravari has not known war from generations. Of course there have been the occasional conflicts over borders, ranging in scale from two patrols colliding to whole armies, but there has been no war. Instead, a strange peace has settled over Ravari. But it is only a peace that was brought about by centuries of never-ending and bloody war. Although none alive can remember it, the books and records tell of a time where the very land itself bled as the nations clashed in a chaotic cauldron of war. But those days are past, and now this uneasy peace has settled.

And yet there are those among the current nations who believe that these tales of war are simply rumours, stories to tell the children as the darkness closes in for the night, and that perhaps it is time that the armies of Ravari march to war once more…..

*Where does this tie in with the previous Darkness?: Simple answer, it doesn’t! For anyone who followed the first Darkness or who has read the final Action post, you will know that all the remaining armies of Kolnur were sucked up into giant portals along with all the creatures of the Great Shadow!

*Is the bigger army always going to win?: No. I will be the final determination for any battle, but basically remember this; it will come down to what KIND of battle you engage in. If you line up all your troops and face off on a traditional field of battle with traditional tools of war, then yes the bigger army has higher odds of victory. But if you use magic or technology to alter the scales of battle, a smaller army has a chance of emerging victorious. I will be the one who determines the outcome of the battle although I welcome the viewpoint of each player and the wider players.

*Can I be destroyed in this game?: Only with your permission. Even if another player manages to conquer your nation you can live on as refugees, rebels, or a number of other options. You won't ever be destroyed (Again, unless you want to be), you will just change form and wander until you can find another place to call home.

*How Many Traits do I Get?: 21 trait points, plus the possible two racial bonuses and Racial Traits, as well as any other extra from Racial Traits

Races: (Each Race can select 1 racial trait for free.)

Dwarves: +1 Trait for either Lesser Earth Magic or Military Traits

Humans: +1 Trait for either Military, Divine, or Necromancy Traits

Orcs: +1 Trait for either Military or Necromancy Traits

Goblins: +1 Trait for either Military or Elemental Traits

Gnomes: +1 Trait for either Illusion or Technology Traits

Elves: +1 Trait for either Elemental or Military Traits

Ogres: +1 Trait for either Military or Lesser Fire Magic Traits

You may have up to 2 races in your country, gaining the bonus traits for each. However the following list shows which races do not coexist well.

Dwarves and Ogres
Elves and Orcs
Gnomes and Goblins

National Traits (CHOOSE ONE)

Army Type (CHOOSE ONE)

Conscript Military Units

Professional Military Units

Navy Type (Requires Ship Building (CHOOSE ONE))

Navy Units

Flight Type (Requires Dirigibles Trait (CHOOSE ONE))

Flight Units

Military Traits

Naval Traits

Flight Traits

Necromancy (Cannot be taken with Divine)

Divine Magic (Cannot be taken with Necromancy)

Elemental Magic

Illusion Magic

Technology Traits

Racial Traits


MAIN RULE CHANGES FROM DARKNESS 1: There is two important changes from the original Darkness. With the first being the tiered system of Provinces and what it means. To put it simply, Provinces are now Village Provinces, Town Provinces or City Provinces. I will explain this in further detail below. And the second change is the players being more involved in the outcomes of fights.




1: Be civil to everyone, participating or not.
2: Absolutely NO godmodding.
3: Don't carry grudges from this RP out into the rest of the forum.
4: Don't get all grumpy if someone attacks you. Just attack them back.
5: I have the final say in all matters.
6: If you are going to join this, please do so confident you will not disappear for weeks on end with no notice. This is ABSOLUTLY ESSENTIAL.
7: Only one post per turn as it represents your nation’s actions. The only exception is diplomatic action as otherwise the alliance system is redundant.
8: One post per update is compulsory or else your nation does nothing and is easy prey.
9: I will aim for updates weekly as I’m sure everyone will by dying for the chance to hammer their RP rivals to oblivion.

The Nation Sheet.

Example Nation Sheet

Please feel free to sign up, whether your'e new or old, Darkness welcomes you all!

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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