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Originally Posted by Anakwanar View Post
Patiently waiting
Patience is rewarded.

That said where to begin is tricky...

Ok, my thoughts on certain aspects of the novel that I enjoyed the most;

Iskandar Khayon:



The Warp:

As for the final few scenes... I will not be talking about them. The reason? They are too awesome to spoil, so anyone who wants to know about them will have to wait for the book. Trust me, it will be worth the wait when you get to those final 20 or so pages and see the biggest surprise in the entire book.

One thing I will talk about in full however is The Wonderworker, the story that won't be reprinted. First off, you are not missing anything if you haven't read this story. Yes it is set after the novel and it is set between Book I and Book II, but nothing essential or of real import happens in the story. It is essentially about Khayon collecting something and the Black Legion recruiting a new member.

The Wonderworker:


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