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There has apparently been no new model for Archaon. However Valten can be taken on foot, presumably with an upgrade for Althandir.

And Crom the Conqueror was never just any old Chaos Lord model, it was specifically created for Crom, but when he was dropped after the Storm of Chaos, they kept on his model (extremely popular - there must have been 7 Croms knocking about my FLGS).

If I am not mistaken, Valten on foot was a games day special along with Archaon on foot - a model I would love to get.

There are a couple of models I want back - Teutogen Guard, and the Battle Standard Bearers for chaos and middenheim. Kodel shorgaar was wonderful - again, another model that was utterly gorgeous.

Oh oh an Be'lakor.

Man, the Storm of Chaos was just full of gorgeous models. Juan diaz's Daemonettes and the metal Bloodletters with the axes... mannnn they were fine as motherfuckers.

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