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Damn, has it really been 3 months already?

Have been extremely busy, but I'm starting to make time for hobby stuff once again.

My girlfriend (now fiancee, actually) and I moved into a place together, and we got a table specifically for my hobby/artwork.

Here's a picture of the already cluttered workspace:

I've restarted my Skullcrusher project, which is really going to turn into the "multiple Juggerlord" project. There will be lots of magnetized arms for varying weaponry and poses. So far, I've just assembled the juggernauts:

Nothing major, just my Berzerker Aspiring Champion:

Here I'm attempting to convert the Aspiring Champion model into a Sorcerer:

I wanted him to have one open hand that will be coursing with energy, and the lightning claw/staff bits seem to work best. I'm also considering a sword in his left hand, but none of the swords I have are as impressive as the staff. There is also a book, but using the lightning claw arm there's no way to have the book held at a visually pleasing angle. Such details are the nonsense I fuss over...

Here are a couple other angles:

And finally, the 2nd limited edition SM Captain model. I'm magnetizing the hell out of him, giving lots of options. Haven't done too much, but here are a couple of shots:

As time goes on (years, I imagine) I'll have my damn army finished and painted. I've messed around a bit with my airbrush; a few minis got primed, many had grit/dirt/rocks glued to their bases. I'm excited, but it's very slow going.


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