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Some have said
there is no subtlety to destruction.
You know what? They're dead.
(Jaya Ballard, task mage)

In the compound-forge 7677 of the thirty-ninth level, section construction and development the engineer Naoš collaborates partnerships with Magos to realize the numerous devices for the Imperial Army and the Astartes.
In this shady place not only repair devices or mechanical instruments, they made a careful analysis of materials, shapes, structures and causes of rupture of the items or crafts to figure out how to improve them.

The shield of unimpeachable purity
is as strong as any wrought on the anvil

The huge space is occupied by parts of Rhino, Leman Russ, Thunderhawk, aircraft engines of all kinds, cannons etc.
Naoš supervised some Servo- droids intent to disassemble part of the huge shield of aTitan, for discoveries many mechanical and electrical parts of the system.
One of Magosi intent on tinkering with some items stood amazed, pointing to a part of the legs of the Titan.
«What caused those irregular cuts? »
« Where?»
« There on the limbs of the Titan»
« Ah those! They are biting!»
« Biting of?»
«I don’t now exactly … may be Orks…»
Disturbed the Magos looked around « who knows what horror might come out of one of these machines! »
« And that's one of the reasons why we made do the "dirty" job to servant-droids».

In the semidarkness between flashes and sparks from welding gear strisicarono out blacks as pitch with thin strips of scarlet, some of wurm Chaos.
The servant-droids were alerted by sensors and do not even turn their metal heads, by support laser beams shot the Chaos-Wurms annihilated them who became dust.

Bred for battle in the Grand Coliseum,
these wurms annihilated whole ecosystems
when released into the wild.

After the incident a Magos turned to telling Naoš:
«In the forge all is not always for the better ... as you could see! »
« Proceed by trial and error and, if possible, using extreme caution in all operations» replay Naoš.
That Magos nodded and took a hydraulic- wrench walk away to reach a motor to a distance few more of twohundred steps from Naoš.
Fast as the hand of the juggler a long flame orange and yellow grabbed and reduce to ashes
the Magos ...
"Fire's out. Should be safe now." —(Gnarltrunk)

Fire is never a gentle master

We are many wicks sharing a common tallow;
we feed the skies with the ashes of our prey.

The forge probably do not have anything aesthetically beautiful and spiritual being, but they have resulted devices and itmes of sublime perfection were the technology that weaves mechanics, electronics engineered with wonder.
Naoš had arrived on Mars with a task and he was performing with great commitment. In this work, however, he realized that there was something that a philosopher could termed "mystical." The union of man and machine took a glimpse of the greatness of the Machine-God: Omnissiah, and his deed in the cosmos.

Magos71 back to reality Naoš asking to monitor the work of the servo-droids to Titan.
Were dismantling a series of hydraulic pistons that after being removed from their home were first analyzed to understand the degradation and measures to made. Intervention that accengevano to do was not only repair. The devices that were over were ancient and precious, therefore had to analyze, study and understand how it was built the instrument and decide whether to repair or re.enact.
For this reason, section 7677 of the great forge was primarily a scientific laboratory of sophisticated mechanical engineering, for the research and development.

During a break the Magos talks with Naoš:
« For sure you know that it is important to the preservation of information…»
« Sure why so you can retrieve and deliver especially to posterity» said Naoš.
«Right. With the cyber technology we can access many sources and data, however… »
«however? »
« We always need a physical location to store the data but…»
« What else is missing?»
«Having data is not enough! Capacity must be to read them! Understand them. To use them and transmit them ... »
« And here in the Forge have been lost some information, seem ...»
« That’s because the libraries and his attendants are essential for every chapter » replay Naoš.
« The world of Forge here on Mars is so large, intricate and sometimes unexplored and there are many to argue that lurk living legends in some forgotten meander »
« You say that we are almost at the level of unattainable library ... here is not nameable? »
The glance of magos became dim.
« Please, retrieves the specifications of the piston and join the department Stainless 899 and see what they can give us »

This secret society of magos manipulates the beliefs and opinions of others.

Got the piston by the servo-droid, Naoš aboard a small vehicle reached the section of storage and collection.
Welcoming Naoš was one of the managers of the warehouse: Brother Ulzio. Taken the precious item and gave it to servo-droid to analyze for know the specifications.
They do not meet often so all times Naoš every effort to listen a tale of Ulzio and also this time … he star to talk:
«Long time ago, when I was a kid, in my childhood planet there was a strange event: crush down a starship. In that time wasn’t a special event for everyone! »
Naoš looked at him strangely, not knowing where he was going with…
Ulzio smiled and continued the story: « Between us there was a man, his name was Edmond, he told us that, too long before, had witnessed the crash down of a starship! It was occupied by a ship of the Chaos Space Marines who were forced to leave the vehicle quickly, taking away only the bare essentials ...»
« And…»
«Inside of starship was found a d-pad that contained a text encrypted or, however, written in a unknown language .. »
There was a sound of static and sparks ...
« Edmond suggested to bring the d-pad to the librarian. And so we did! »
« Was possible to encode the text? »
«The librarian on a cogitator dumped the contents of the d-pad and soon he began to read the contents ... »

The ancient books slowly crumbled,
their secrets turning to dust.
But their every word sings within the auditor’s head

It was the meticulous account of a voyage made by Captain Astone Hannvil. Tell with more and great detail the journey in Immaterium and about sikness feelings try and the also of the danger brought by dreams: they created a portal for the demons of Chaos! The interesting part was the final side, some days before the crash landing.

After a long journey we landed on a planet indicated by "map". We were assured that on it in a specific place, at the bottom of a huge dungeon would have found the” item” of wonders! (...)
It was for sure a gift of immeasurable value, torn from Lupercal to the sovereign, father and Emperor. An Item generated as a result of the lord of mankind and of his greatness machine-god Omnissiah: the first version of the Omnia-Gear!!!!!(…)

In that moment a servant-droid handed the piece to replace for the Titan, interrupting the magic of the story …
Ulzio took the item and gave it to Naoš said,then said:
« Your Titan needs a new Omina-Gear! Some say there is, in a forgotten Forge, someone who can ...», he completed the sentence making some numbers with your fingers.
then nodded, as if to say "Do you understand?"
Naoš nodded, turned on his heels and walked away.

Naoš handed the piston to Magos and asked if the Titan needs something "special" to return in operation?
«Yes, if there was a new Omina-Gear would help a lot! »
« it’s not easy to have one!?»
« mmm ... let's say that you have to know where looking for ...»
« So it's just a question of where it is ...»
Magos remained thoughtful for a moment, then with his head down, start to talk as speaking with himself…
« Here on Mars for sure you can find a "Gear", but the one we have, really, need is a new generation! One of those rare!»
Naoš not adds any. Finished his work and when the job-time was end, took off his overalls in the locker room, and left the forge where was busy.

After a shower and a nap and came out of his flat edge of a surface transportation reached Forgai that Ulzio had indicated with gestures.
Rarely could get out of the Forge and admire the amazing collection of mechanical technology that expressed Mars as a whole. The red of the sky and its lands which stretched dedicarte huge construction technology, in accordance with the machine-god. Naoš along a long journey to reach one of the areas where stood the oldest settlements, reached the Forge was pointed by the Warehouse came down from the carriage and departed in the semidarkness of the dungeons.
Advanced long in depth, walking, moving on lifts or trolleys used normally to the transport of materials.

After a series of long runs, short ascents, trails in the dark hangar full of items made of metals strangest reached a place very similar to what would be called a basement ... The ambiante was instead a real workshop electro-mechanical rather cyber-mechatronics.
Seated at a large metal table, inlaid runes and bas-relief similar to glyphs, sat three men ... obviously living beings, not machines or bio-droids. Their appearance had nothing human ... Seem to be equipped with upper and lower limbs and a head ... more like something between a shark and a dinosaur.

I will give you seven and seven guardians because protect you on your journey!

Turning his gaze to one of the walls on which hung a huge panel; observing with attention accrose that this was a colored rectangle pict-screen. It seemed that turning on a snapshot as a frame but of the same intensity of a dream he saw ...
Warriors in power armor from many different colors, they ran out of their drop-pod or down by Thunderhawks, heading towards a hill shrouded by a blanket of clouds and fog. blinding flashes. In a few moments the Spacemarines were in melee… Explosions and flashes. From the clouds of steam and dust arose machines that were huge ... was the Titans!
Suddenly a bright light purple and fell on the battlefield… made everything and everyone like a statue… a psychic message was sent ... many machine were shattered and the same happened to the power-armor. There was a manifestation: not of the Chaos, or same deity, was a different kind of power, something ancient, ancestral ... a ill-defined figure appeared
...” the vision, like a dream, came to an end.

Those, were intent on moving figurines placed on a support composed of three planes whose bases were "drawn" in a different way: diamonds, squares aligned and triangles ...
One of those "beings" turned to Naoš and said him, not with words but with a mental message ... his words were precise, but with an accent ... whooshing ...
Say me what:
Blow where screaming winds sing lullabies against emptiness Sinister, soothing serenades …, Dervishes dance like marionettes, the hypnotic fluidity of their movement seducing, charming the serpent within To imprison and cage, to soothe the yearning desire To defeat Leaving skeletons amongst their dance…

Naoš asked himself: «What is this cryptic phrase? It seems a question of the Sphinx: reply or die! »
He did not want to respond instantly ... but immediate, as the spring water was, in the mind, a thought: Dust devils

Naoš felt for a moment the look of one of those individuals who watched him not only externally but also deep in the mind ... as he heard a creaking sound that ... a few seconds later codified as: «Correct! »

Not spent thirty seconds as a reminder that the attention of Naoš was called to a shelf to his right. Distracted by this recall of three individuals lost interest and went to the floor of the cabinet there was leaning on a large amount of material.
Tools for precision measuring, electro-mechanical equipment and other unknown devices. What attracted the attention of Naoš was a box red leather colour, about 30 cm from the side. He opened the cover looking at the contents: a new generation of Omina-Gear!
Naoš said and did nothing but take the box and exit.
After twenty steps stood dumbfounded ... and intrigued. But who and what were those individuals ?!
He came back and found himself in front of two doors. He opened one and saw that it went into a long dimly lit corridor. The second door opened into a warehouse, quiet, clean and tidy. Everything was different from just before!
« What are you looking son? »
Was the question posed by a man behind the large counter gray, smooth, neat and perfect...
«I went out a little while ago and ... but here it was not so! »
The man nodded seriously « If you are looking for a special device ... it can happen that unexpected things happen!... here on Mars»
«I have met some amazing people ... ... they were not human ... » said Naoš.
«You will not find the answers you seek! Only tools and devices! Do not waste any more time! »
Naoš came out waving and returned to his forge to deliver to the Magos tool to embed the Titan.
On the way back he had a pulse, a signal ... like a dream, but awake.
Before that what is, was, there was a very ancient species of living that they did, costruto discovered ... were not men, today someone called Old Ones ...

Don't mistake coincidence for fate. (Mr. Eko)
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