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Originally Posted by alex_mac47 View Post
New scheme is looking awesome! Could possibly also go as traitor guard with your Chaos?
I've actually played two games with Chaos recently, which is more than at any time since leaving our place of education! Also, merci du compliment, all three companies are intended to be able to blend relatively well together, with an obvious separation that I intend to translate into three gaming tables. So far, I have one table done and one bought.

So lately:

Commissar is destined for the Urban/Light infantry company, one day to be given his own combined infantry squad to look after or to be promoted and fielded in a conscript squad for mass lasgun fire.

Techpriest and Tank Commander are going to my Armoured company, bringing the number of Techpriests to 2. That sprue that you can see behind them is a pair of servitors, so I'll have about 12 between the two and my coterie of inquisitors to dish out bulk firepower and repair boosts.

Officer of the fleet, first of two, is going into my Airmobile company, though he may migrate to the light company for when I have eventually made it big and bought a marauder sqn - or if I'm just sharing my airsupport assets out. Pretty happy with these guys.

Still underway are a double handful of heavy weapons, with more yet to come... then a scout sentinel and some tanks (and those servitors). Should see me through September without having to buy any more models, right? Right?


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