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Path of the Exarch

Awarded for long, dedicated service to the forums.

Members who have not only survived but kept the boards alive for years have walked the long Path of the Exarch.

Jezlad, jigplums, Xabre, Galahad, Lord Sinkoran, Stella Cadente, torealis, The Son of Horus, morfangdakka, The Wraithlord, Viscount Vash, Firewolf, Jacobite, don_mondo, asianavatar, loyalist42, Words_of_Truth, chromedog, Zondarian, Someguy, TheReverend, Marneus Calgar, HOBO, Imperial Dragon, humakt, neilbatte, Djinn24, Syko515, Green Knight, Commissar Ploss, tu_shan82, bitsandkits, Vaz, normtheunsavoury, solitaire, Baron Spikey, WoRLoKKeD, darkreever, Steel Nathan, darklove, maddermax, bobss, Iraqiel, Taggerung, xenobiotic, Red Corsairs, DeathKlokk, Warlock in Training, dark angel, Svartmetall, effigy22, imm0rtal reaper, Lord_Murdock, Khorne's Fist, Deneris, Daneel2.0, Wusword77, Dusty's Corner, gwmaniac, fynn, MaidenManiac, Fallen, Dagmire, juddski, Eleven, LukeValantine, World Eater XII, Styro-J, Orochi, ckcrawford, MidnightSun, DeathJester921, deathbringer, Da Joka, Child-of-the-Emperor, mcmuffin, Captain Stillios, Dragblud da scrunka, ItsPug, unxpekted22, Lord Ramo, Brother Emund, AAAAAAAAARRRGGHH, ChaosRedCorsairLord, Bindi Baji, Grokfog, OldHat, Bubblematrix, Sethis, Mossy Toes, Deus Mortis, fatmantis, Blackadder, Stephen_Newman, IntereoVivo, MontytheMighty, SilverTabby, Cypher871, hailene, Doelago, Dave T Hobbit, gen.ahab, Tawa, Serpion5, dragonkingofthestars, CLT40k, revan4559, Midge913, scscofield, Zion, Haskanael

Kiss of the Harlequin

Awarded for keeping humour on the boards.

Awarded to those who keep balance on the board by making excellent Off Topic contributions - especially humorous posts for the Laughing God.

Jezlad, Galahad, morfangdakka, MarzM, wertypop, Red Orc, LordWaffles, Commissar Ploss, normtheunsavoury, Svartmetall, Unforgiven302, High_Seraph, Iron_Freak220, Doelago, KingOfCheese, Boc, Lux, Alsojames, spanner94ezekiel, jonileth

Sigil of the Scarab

Exceptional contributors to the Heresy Sprue Database earn this accolade.

Those that fill the Sprue Database with a substantial quantity of usable submissions will gain this Award.

Viscount Vash, Tinkerbell, xenobiotic, Zodd, Cypher871, Boc, Shandathe, GrimzagGorwazza, Dicrel Seijin

Mark of Khorne

Highest Referrers.

Like the followers of Khorne, who collect skulls for the Blood God, the recipient of this award has collected members for Heresy Online - reflected by high referral numbers.

Jezlad, Galahad, The Son of Horus, Viscount Vash, Bloodhound, Gore Hunter, Djinn24, Commissar Ploss, Sword Slasher, Red Corsairs, Ragnar, Mortalis, warsmith7752, Dead.Blue.Clown, Doelago, Serpion5, None

Laurels of Victory

Awarded for a placement in a recognized Grand Tournament.

First, Second or Third place in a Grand Tournament gains the Laurels of Victory.

jigplums, Fallen Angel, LongBeard, Exodite, anathema, MarzM, Elric of Melnibone, dakari-mane, spikydavid, Darkangeldentist, kiranreddy, Urban Knight, Someguy, Culler, humakt, LordWaffles, Lash Machine, Haekmo, Cypher871, OIIIIIIO

Order of the Codicer

Awarded for sharing tactical victories and defeats in battle reports.

Win or lose, quality and entertaining Battle Reports posted for any games on the forums will receive the Order of the Codicer.

OddJob, Iraqiel, El Mariachi, Vaul, Tim/Steve, Akaiyou, Mossy Toes, Dark Strategies, Dave T Hobbit, Sephyr, forkbanger, Boc, blackspine, MidnightKid333, ShotDownMind, tsne16487, Skari

Tithe of the Faithful

Awarded for generous donations to Heresy Online.

Large donations, Competition Sponsorship and large scale programming projects earn this mark of the gratitudel.

Jezlad, Ben the Code Ninja, Galahad, The Wraithlord, Viscount Vash, wertypop, Gore Hunter, Tiberius, newt_e, slaaneshy, Carna, bitsandkits, Galebread, Concrete Hero, Svartmetall, Deneris, Critta, Mortalis, rich1231, Digg40k, marxalvia, nidaron, bon_jovi, Bocman, World Eater XII, WarlordKaptainGrishnak, Styro-J, Capt.Al'rahhem, ckcrawford, HolyHpnotiq, LTP, Azwraith, Zodd, shaantitus, olderplayer, OIIIIIIO, Serpion5, Boc, ThatOtherGuy, Shandathe, shampawnya, Zion

Creed's Commendation

Awarded for winning the Army of the Quarter.

High quality background fluff, battle reports, and photos in the Army Showcase will earn you Creed's Commendation.

Dave T Hobbit, GrimzagGorwazza

All Images are the sole property of Heresy Online and are only for use on the boards of Heresy with permission of the sites owner.

Any improper use of Award images will result in serious action being taken against individual misusing the artworks.


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