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Order of the Artificer

Award for excellence in Modelling and Conversion of miniatures.

This award is presented to members that have produced outstanding modelling and conversion projects.

Galahad, pathwinder14, morfangdakka, Viscount Vash, Ordog, asianavatar, Damned Fist, humakt, Gareth, aardvark, Brother Argos, Druchii in Space, leinad-yor, dirty-dog-, Vorropohaiah, xenobiotic, Svartmetall, Alariccantonain, Dusty's Corner, BobPanda, Dīnadan, Arkeanixii, swissdictator, Blackadder, Mrchaos, The Norn Kingdom, SilverTabby, shaantitus, couger-w, SonofVulkan, Firefighter X, Keecai, dadadda, Marremony, ChankTheLank, Kolonel Grotsnik, rayrod64, Zognutz, Brovatar, Veteran Sergeant, ResinForge, metalmonk

Mark of Slaanesh

Awarded for winning a painting Competition.

This award will be presented to those that have bedazzled us with their painting skills to win in a painting competition.

The Son of Horus, mathewbaich, The Wraithlord, asianavatar, Djinn24, Taggerung, Svartmetall, fluffystuff, moo, Tawa, Boc, Disciple_of_Ezekiel, Midge913, troybuckle, elmir, kickboxerdog, madfly-art, Nefrugle, Howzaa, falcoso, Fiddlestix, Nordicus, 1ale4, LokiDeathclaw, TheDemo

Order of the Astropath

Awarded for producing tutorials of the highest standard.

Being a Guiding Light in the tutorials forum earns the Order of the Astropath.

The Son of Horus, Viscount Vash, Darkmessiah, Damned Fist, Djinn24, RonSaikowski, Svartmetall, mahon, Shogun_Nate, Dusty's Corner, Cypher871, Growler Model Painting

Insignia of the Artisan

Awarded for excellence in painting displayed on the boards or in the Gallery.

Painters of renown that share their work across the boards or win competitions with their skills will receive this award.

The Son of Horus, The Wraithlord, DarkTower, Damned Fist, bl0203, TheReverend, humakt, Gareth, Djinn24, Vorropohaiah, webmax, xenobiotic, DeathKlokk, Kobrakai, moo, Alariccantonain, Munky, Dagmire, Robinator, BobPanda, LTP, GutCheck, Graf Spee, odinsgrandson, Mrchaos, d0m, nuclealosaur, Grins1878, Disciple_of_Ezekiel, louisshli, WeeDawgNYC, Midge913, Jolly Roger Studio, troybuckle, Sigur, elmir, Saulot, mad matt, madfly-art, stevey293, nukearts, Tommie Soule, Dangerousbeans, Wookiepelt, Bob the Ork, Saintspirit

Lexicanum's Crest

For Outstanding Literary Achievement.

Showing exceptional affinity for the written word within your works of original fiction will earn you this accolade.

Xabre, Galahad, Viscount Vash, Jacobite, hephesto, Dirge Eterna, Commissar Ploss, bobss, dark angel, Svartmetall, The_Inquisitor, Shogun_Nate, C'Tan Chimera, ckcrawford, unxpekted22, Mossy Toes, Iron Angel, Bane_of_Kings, Bloody Mary, Lord of the Night, Dave T Hobbit, Pyroriffic, Todeswind, Serpion5, Boc, ThatOtherGuy, Akatsuki13, gothik, Davidicus 40k, Turkeyspit, Eremite, Adrian, Taliesin, LongfangFenrika93, jonileth, Romero's Own, HonorableMan, Liliedhe, Anne Marie, maelstrom48, chilledmonkeybrains, YeOldeGrandma

Mark of the Remembrancer

Awarded to members for Role Playing based excellence.

Steadfast dedication and commitment in taking us off to the realms of your imagination with excellent roleplay will gain you this award.

darkreever, BlackApostleVilhelm, dark angel, Necrosis, deathbringer, unxpekted22, Euphrati, komanko, revan4559, Midge913

Seal of the Librarian

Awarded for consistently high quality 'fluff' posts - homebrew or otherwise.

Those whose imagination takes us deeper into the setting of the game are rewarded with this Award.

Dirge Eterna, Commissar Ploss, Vaz, Baron Spikey, imntdead, xenobiotic, squeek, Warlock in Training, dark angel, The_Inquisitor, Shogun_Nate, waltzmelancholy_07, WarlordKaptainGrishnak, ckcrawford, deathbringer, Child-of-the-Emperor, Giant Fossil Penguin, Brother Subtle, Euphrati, Mossy Toes, Iron Angel, Lord of the Night, locustgate, Malus Darkblade, Serpion5, Phoebus, dragonkingofthestars, SGMAlice, Angel of Blood, BlackGuard, D-A-C, VulkansNodosaurus, MEQinc, DasOmen, Rems, Haskanael

Medallion of the Chosen

Awarded for winning Official Heresy Online competitions.

Awarded to those that achieve supremacy in competition on the boards of Heresy.

Jezlad, cccp, Galahad, The Son of Horus, The Wraithlord, Red Orc, njfed, Riandro, tu_shan82, Ancient Tiel' a fier, Shogun_Nate, Kinglopey, marxalvia, AAAAAAAAARRRGGHH, Jack Mac, Gog, Ultra111, Zodd, mynameisgrax, Lord of the Night, StalkerZero, jfvz


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