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Originally Posted by revilo44 View Post
nice spot, but i'm wondering if thats valtans point value showing in the other page??? if it is GW are bringing back a lot o fantasy characters, i hope to see 40k do that as well cough squats and sisters cough
Possibly. My Engish-to-Spanish is pretty non existent, but I believe Faeit mirrored this page from the source a few days ago. The opposite page could be Valten, or it could be Crom's wargear. We need a good translator to work this out. On a related note, you think Crom might get a new model to replace the old Metal one?

However, it's come to my attention that the characters may not begin and end with just Crom and Valten. Do not take my word as gospel however given I just read and comment on Rumors and don't go actively seeking them out, so until a full list leaks...

EDIT - Yes, that looks like part of Valten's rules. The word "Valten" can be seen clearly if you look close enough.

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