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Originally Posted by bobss View Post
What does this novel even contribute to the overall series? It sounds like a post-Dropsite Massacre Horus Rising without the reems of goodies that made Horus Rising great. And, frankly, Horus-Rising-like novels have no place in the series in 2014.

Even trying to explain away the lack of linear plotting - with the good ol' sandpit analogy - doesn't fully cover it. Never mind the quality of the prose, the novel itself feels like a complete non-entity. As you say Vaz, a SMB novel with 30k window dressing.

The only positive caveat I can think of is showing the Iron Hands post-Dropsite Massacre and dealing with the death of their primarch. Well, there has been a glut of that since Fulgrim, and frankly a single, moving and well-written short story would sufficed. To be frank the Dropsite Massacre has lost a good deal of its impact for me with all this Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard material lately.
This is interesting, because I feel that the Hands have been underserved, and basically ignored since Manus was killed. What stories have you seen their post-Isstvan plight dealt with? Other than Riven - which had very little to do with the legion itself and was a micro-level look at one rogue warband - there has been next to nothing on how the Iron Hands have coped.

Have I missed something? Do you have other examples?
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