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What does this novel even contribute to the overall series? It sounds like a post-Dropsite Massacre Horus Rising without the reems of goodies that made Horus Rising great. And, frankly, Horus-Rising-like novels have no place in the series in 2014.

Even trying to explain away the lack of linear plotting - with the good ol' sandpit analogy - doesn't fully cover it. Never mind the quality of the prose, the novel itself feels like a complete non-entity. As you say Vaz, a SMB novel with 30k window dressing.

The only positive caveat I can think of is showing the Iron Hands post-Dropsite Massacre and dealing with the death of their primarch. Well, there has been a glut of that since Fulgrim, and frankly a single, moving and well-written short story would sufficed. To be frank the Dropsite Massacre has lost a good deal of its impact for me with all this Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard material lately.

It seems the Black Library's (and their fans') urge to SHOWALLTHETHINGS (which is already simply poor storytelling short and simple) to SHOWALLTHETHINGSANDTHENSOMEYOUDON'TNEEDTOSEE.
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