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I recently found a Demolisher cannon in the bits that came along with the guard army I bought not long ago and since slapping it on the front of a Leman Russ it's my go-to tank. At this points level it would be beastly to include, and will still blow tanks up thanks to that AP2. I also prefer Melta Guns over Plasma Guns in my Veteran squads solely because of Get's Hot! and 5+ armour saves. Meltas get other people hot, and can Instant Death up to T4 (which is a ton of Infantry, including a lot of HQs if they're out front after getting mauled by a Demolisher shot) and are better against tanks. Con is you have to get within 12" and they have a lower rate of fire than the Plasma Gun, both of which I am OK dealing with if they're riding in a Chimera.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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