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So this is my first attempt at an Imperial Guard List.
Any advice would be helpful, I cannot change units but I can change loadouts as I have purchased but not assembled these guys yet.


Company Command Squad - 60


Platoon Command Squad - 30

Infantry Squad (Autocannon) - 60

Infantry Squad - 50

Veteran Squad (2x Plasma, Chimera) - 155

Heavy Support

Vanquisher tank (Lascannon) - 145

I am starting to work on my 750 point list as well and I was considering dropping the autocannon out of the infantry squad and making a heavy weapons squad with 3 autocannons. I will also be including vox, medic and standard bearers in my lists 750 and above for fluff reasons. I'm not too concerned about winning all the time but some advice on my 750 point list would be great too.
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