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Howdy Lanky, your list looks alright, but as you've stated, not enough bodies, Khorne would be displeased with this as he cares not where the blood comes from, as long as blood is spilt! Here's my take on it....

Originally Posted by Lanky27 View Post

Lord zhufor. - 376
4 terminators
Lightning claws
Marks of khorne
Icon of wraith
Never seen nor used Zhufor, but I have heard he's a bad ass so that's cool. If I was you, I'd scrap all the lightning claws and stick with power swords (or whatever other power weapons you have, swords are best for AP3 and striking at I4). This will save a lot of points.


8 berserkers. - 257
2 plasma pistols
Melta bombs
Power fist

8 berserkers. - 257
2 plasma pistols
Melta bombs
Power fist

Zerkers are meh. They get what? +1 str for how many extra points? Take regular marines with a MoK. You could squeeze a few more bodies in that way, unless you want them at 8 for Khorne's number. Either way, scrap the plasma pistols. You'll end up killing yourself quicker than the enemy, also the fists need to go. A 1 wound model shouldn't be striking last, especially with the amount of attacks a Khorne champion can get on the charge.

10 cultists. - 50

Fodder, you need more of these guys (at least 15-20) or its 1 VP for the enemy with First Blood.

Fast Attack

Heldrake. - 170

Cool. Consider a hades autocannon for anti tank capabilities as you don't have much.

Heavy support

Maulerfiend. - 135
Lasher tendrils

Go with magma cutters so he can wreck tanks quicker.

Land raider. - 250
Demonic possession
Dirge caster

Possession is risky on this as it's going to be transporting your main squad. You don't want the tank chowing down on Zhufor and his retinue.

Total - 1495

Here's what I'd do.



4x Skulltaker bodyguards

Icon of Wrath - 343 points


2x 10 Chaos Space Marines

replace bolters with CCW but with 2x melta guns, melta bombs, Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, champion still has his bolter.

Rhino for each squad with a dirge caster - 245 points each squad

20x Cultists with 18x Autoguns, champion with shotgun and a heavy stubber. 115 points


Heldrake (flamer or autocannon your choice) 170 points


Landraider with dirge caster, combi melta, combi bolter and a Dozer Blade. 255 points

Maulerfiend with magma cutters - 125

Totals 1498 points.

With this you get more marines with near the same capabilities as the zerkers in CC, plus anti-tank bonus. Cultists who, in theory, should be able to take out a massive number of guys if used well (I've had this same squad shoot a squad of 5 Dark Angel termis + Belial down to 1 Termi and Belial). The Landraider had the support abilities to assist Zhufor, extra ramming abilities and more dakka! And the Fiend is keen as pie to cut open some cans and feast on the goo inside.

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