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Default Heresy Online Fantasy Football League

So, I've set up my Fantasy League team for the first time in ages today. Anyone else interested in joining? If you are, head on over to fantasy.premierleague.com and set up your team following the instructions there (100m limit, 15 players). Set up your team, and then go to the "leagues" tab.

Go to "join a league", Private league, and then enter this code into that box;


Hypen included.

If you do, put down your team name here, I'll add it to the box. if anyone fancies taking part, and we get a few, maybe even a prize like a Banner or something you can use as a Signature.

Team Names;

Vaz; Norfolk and Chance
mcmuffin; Multiple Scoregasms
Angel of Blood; I Will Also Beat Bez
Khorne's Fist; The Nose Pickers
Tawa; Pathetico Madrid
Child-of-the-Emperor; Real Sosobad.
The Irish Commissar; The Celtic Celts
Words_of_Truth; Toon FC
firstcape; Cullen's Destroyers

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