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Fantasy Rumors
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Originally Posted by alasdair View Post
When will these be?
To be honest, I don't know, I should of worded it "this is what might be coming as well" as they rumours so it's "pics or isn't real" sorry

edit: @alasdair this might help.

id like to see the chosen kit.
via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
Chaos Warriors becomes a Chosen Plastic Kit.

For Khemri we will see a Colossus Model.
via Voice of the Chaos Gods on Faeit 212
rumored "Chaos Chosen" are for Fantasy, not for 40k.
or off track with these two above
via Beliver1980 on Faeit 212 heard today that nagash is not the only new cool character model on the way, take some salt but I think it's reliable, we will see a new archaon model and the female vampire character (forgot her name ,the first one to be a vampire).

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