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Guys. Could we just stop bitching at each other. We all our own options and don't think they gonna change, yes I agree it's got worse for older player now that GK is just GK now and I agree the that the deamonhunter was brill, however at the end of the day GW is company and they want to make money (all company wants this) and I don't think we gonna go back that now.

So would u rather have expansive metal models (cough sisters cough) or would like to have new plastic figures with there OWN dex. Tbh I like the last option as I could do a Inquisitorial army by allying the codex inquisition and dex Astra Milltarum and I'd be happy with that.

So let's just leave it there.

And look at the reboxing of Gray knights kits

And a assassin dataslate (how did u know @elmir )


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