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Default Ultramarines Chapter

Hey guys, for those who do not know, I am going to collect the entire Ultramarines chapter. Do not expect any models anytime soon, but I have decided on commanders for each company, and when the new codex comes out I will start drawing up army lists.

1st Company
Terminator Captain

2nd Company
Master of the Watch

3rd Company
Master of the Arsenal

4th Company
Master of the Fleet

5th Company
Medusa V Sicarius

6th Company
AoBR Commander

7th Company
New Sicarius (with a different name obviously)

8th Company
2008 Golden Demon model

9th Company
Space Marine Commander

10th Company
Master of Recruits

I have not decided on other special characters and the like, but I do know that I will have a chaplain and librarian in each company. Army lists in 2 or 3 months! Sorry for the long wait, but it will be a huge list. I will post company by company so as to avoid confusion.

Project logs:
The Black Wolves (SM) - List Written
Ultramarines Chapter (yes, I said chapter) - Test model painted
7th Annihilators (SM) - Nearly finished (no log)

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