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Originally Posted by Zerodyme619 View Post
Yap. The Detachment basically looks like the one from BRB, only you need at least 2 HQs and can have up to 6 (!!). The Rest is as usual.
It allows you to reroll your Warlord Trait (business as usual), and before the game starts, you can roll a D6 for every unit of the Detachment (add +2 if it is a Troop choice, joined by a character). If you roll a 6, the unit gets outflank. And then finally, the guaranteed reserve roll every round.
Of course, you do not get "objective secured" with this detachment, that would be a bit much...
I can think of quite a few lists that could be really fun with this ;)
That's pretty neat. I think Great Waaaagh! possibly get it better with Deep Strike instead of Outflank, but automatically getting reserves is a really nice benefit.

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